Assistance in decision-making for company human resources

Case study / Human resources / HR / OCR / Automation / API

Building the workflow to assist in decision-making regarding company human resources.

The recent study proved that for 30% of recruiters the hiring process takes 2-5 weeks. However, this important task can be indeed time-consuming for a company.

But how to optimize time during the hiring process? The answer is simple: with the help of an automated platform like the one provided by the Young App.


  • Find a way to extract important information from resumes.

  • Automate monitoring of job-applications.


  • Integrate connectors extracting data from resumes.

  • Implement the process of machine learning in order to validate or not validate job applications, and set up email accordingly so the messages to be sent automatically after rejecting or approving candidates.

Used connectors

<div class="article__content-image-col">
  <img src="*b1rbEPLffC-zVIV1iqrNvw.png" alt="OCR.Space" />

<div class="article__content-image-col">
  <img src="*PsWLixZlcsi7W5FnhENdJQ.png" alt="LUIS" />

<div class="article__content-image-col">
  <img src="*revnCHFtQ7IXfMSQgXK6oQ.png" alt="Excel" />

<div class="article__content-image-col">
  <img src="*YNlz-ejuxTwuWyorIGKF1A.png" alt="Amazon SES" />
  <div>Amazon SES</div>


(1) Receiving the job application and sending CV to OCR.Space.

(2) Reading and extracting data by OCR.Space.

(3) Categorization by LUIS.

(4) Sending data to Excel file.

(5) Emailing confirmation or refusal by Amazon SES.


The decision-support workflow allows HR managers to release their time for solving the tasks with higher priority.

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