Automated data extracting from driver’s license

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Every company has digitized versions of driver's licenses in their possession, and analyzing them takes a considerable amount of time. Our API OCR solution offers advanced precision as data is extracted automatically, excluding human error.

Automated data extracting from driver’s license

Scanning your driver license with OCR.


Your driver's license is one of the most important documents when you get a car. You need it also to pass control, open a car insurance, or buy a car. Moreover, this document can also be used to prove your identity as the same level as an ID card. In this use case, we will analyse how an OCR can help with data extracting from a driver's license.


  • Extracting information from driver licenses using OCR technology.

  • Add possibility to search, edit, and classify the document or the data inside of it.



  • Connect OCR API to the company databases.

  • Train the OCR to recognize every data from the driver license.

  • Recognize, collect, and classify information.

  • Enable converting and storing information in databases.


  • An automated workflow that helps enterprises to validate identity.

  • Saving time on the information reading and extracting processes.

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