Automation of the recruitment process

Case study / Human resources / OCR / AI

A workflow allowing the automation of the post-recruitment process.


In our new digital context, many workflows are being automated. E-commerce industry, tourism, banking, or even the transport industry, all these sectors are being digitized. In a previous use case, we saw how an API platform can assist in decision making regarding company human resources. Today, we are going to see the best way for automating tasks in the human resources processes. We will explain how an API platform can help in post-recruitment processes.


  • Extract data from different documents such as passport, ID card, IBAN, etc.

  • Automatically fill contracts with previously-collected data

  • Digitize contract signatures


  • Connect OCR API that will extract details from documents

  • Connect ready-to-use APIs that are going to automatically fill contracts form with the data collected from previous documents

  • Connect ready-to-use APIs that are going to allow the electronic signatures on different contracts


The whole post-recruitment process is automated thanks to the OCR and API technologies. From optimized collecting personal-document details to signatures, the API platform can effortlessly digitize this workflow.

If you are interested in improving your processes, we will be more than happy to assist you in your API & OCR adventures.

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