Data extracting in e-commerce

Case study / Human resources / OCR / AI

Optimizing workflows for bying and sellinng in e-commerce.


Nowadays, the e-commerce industry is one of the sectors that extract tonnes of data. From mail addresses to phone numbers, or even to preferred colors, we believe every single data should be used. Many market players have seen their benefits growing. In this use case, we will see how e-commerce websites can recover data with OCR technology.


  • Searching goods by pictures.

  • Digitalizing documents needed to buy or return goods.

  • Collecting customer and seller data, storing, and structuring them.

  • Validating business partners’ and KYC documents to exclude falsified copies.


  • Connect ready-to-use OCR API with your e-commerce system.

  • Add AI & ML technology to research items by picture.


  • An easier way to collect, aggregate, and validate data.

  • Effectively working e-commerce website with built-in OCR technology.

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