Digitizing the healthcare industry

OCR / API / Digitizing / Medical / Document Management / Healthcare / Extracting Data

A workflow that can help simplify patient data processing in the healthcare sector.


The health sector needs a lot of data management. Whether you're in the pharmacy, in the hospital, in the laboratory, you are always confronted with a lot of data to collect. In the past few years, big data has played a significant part in the healthcare industry, making it more dynamic and competitive. In this use case, we will show you how OCR technology can be the core of this automated workflow.


  • Scanning and extracting data from prescriptions, medical reports, test results, etc.

  • Possibility to systematize scanned information and to store it in convenient formats.

  • Digitizing archives.

  • Storing printed documents in patient electronic health records.


  • Connect OCR API to medical databases

  • Train the OCR to recognize every data from any document

  • Apply auto-filling forms to save time

  • Recognize, collect, and classify information

  • Enable converting and storing information in databases


  • An automated workflow helping the different departments in healthcare.

  • A better organization and data exchange between different specialists (family practice physicians; laboratory assistants/technicians; doctors, etc.). Indeed, with the API-trained OCR linked to their systems and databases, every health record will be classified. In that way, every medical transaction is going to be easier and less time-consuming. At Young App, we are guiding companies in their digital transformation journey with our OCR. We help them to improve productivity by automating processes. If you want to know how OCR can help your organization, we recommend you to explore other use cases.

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