Extracting data from receipts and invoice

Case study / E-commerce / Online shopping / Finances / Accounting / OCR

An OCR workflow allowing you to win some time on the accounting process by automating extracting data from receipts and invoices (bills).

We provide you with APIs created to automate extracting data from any receipt documents so you could speed up e-commerce, warehousing, online shopping, or any other activity to level-up business effectiveness with your customers and partners.

What is more important, such an approach provides advanced accuracy because the data are being extracted automatically, excluding human error.

Therefore, instead of routine re-typing and copy-pasting data, you could use released time for things that matter the most.


  • Automate the process of data extracting.

  • Extract and classify the data.


Implement Young App connector to extract, recognize, and classify data.


  • The workflow demonstrates in action AI, OCR, and high-performance databases for better case management.

  • To manage your documentation, no need to manually handle data.

  • The workflow will recognize, extract, classify, and store data on your servers (we do not store your data).

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