Improving KPI management

Case study / Optimization / Management / Planning / Monitoring / Digital transformation

Building flexible KPI management workflow applicable to any sector.

KPIs, or key performance indicators, are essential for sustainability and prosperous growth of any organization. In practice, all sectors of business are using them because KPIs enable analyzing the performance of activity.

Today, with Young App, applying the best practices of API connection, companies can promptly improve the effectiveness of KPI management


  • Automate KPI management.


  • Install connectors allowing to receive and aggregate data.

Used connectors

Google Sheets
Google Sheets
Amazon Redshift
Amazon Redshift
Google Data Studio
Google Data Studio


(1) Filling data with Google Sheets and Amazon Redshift

(2) Visualizing data with Google Data Studio


The workflow allows better monitoring of KPIs, and therefore, better visibility of business activity.

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