KYC: Know Your Customer| Verify the identity of your stakeholders !

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Faced with increasingly strict regulations in terms of compliance and financial crimes, verifying the identity and financial situation of customers becomes crucial in order to comply with legislation in the fight against fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing and vigilance requirements.

Our solution :

Our API OCR 'Know Your Customer' allows companies to ensure they are respecting their regulatory obligations without having to mobilize significant resources internally.

Automated KYC control solutions free you from the time-consuming manual checks required to be in compliance with regulations. They also help improve operational efficiency and improve the customer experience. It is a solution that helps identify increased risks and flag any evidence whether it is an ID or a legal document.


Prove the legal existence of your company thanks to our API OCR solution, which allows you to retrieve essential informations such as legal form, names of directors, address of the head office, length of life... .

Memento :

Find the identification informations such as the legal form, the name and the main activity of the company ..., and the tax obligations of your company such as IS, TVA, CFE, FPC .... The 'memento' will be essential for you because it summarizes the tax situation of your company as well as the taxes to which it is subject.

Liasse fiscale :

Retrieve informations from 'liasse fiscale' type 2033, 2035, 2055, and keys AA or 100, and check whether or not you comply with all applicable tax rules.

TVA declaration form :

Carefully manage your value added tax, and avoid any type of penalty by automating the import of company bank statements.

Income statement form :

Declare your income in an automated way, and obtain the income tax declaration status notice once the declaration is complete and without any action on your part.

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