Self-check-in at hotels with OCR

Case study / Hotels / Catering / Tourism

A workflow allowing check-in automation for the hotel and catering industry.

Today as always, check-in at some hotels can take a while and become quite frustrating. In this case study, we will discover how formalities due to check-in can be settled in less than 5 minutes. The miracle tool – OCR. Let’s discover this automated workflow!


  • Quickly extract data from passport and other documents

  • Build automated processes for check-in


Install OCR connectors to collect and classify data.


  • With Young App API OCR solution, guests can complete all the check-in formalities by themselves. The check-in will no longer be a time-consuming task for guests and for the hotel staff, who every time type customers’ details into their system.

  • If you are building hotel and catering industry and you want to try Young App solution, just click this link and choose an appointment for a demo.

Let’s enrich hotels & catering with hi-tech!

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