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The curiosity in artificial intelligence (AI) is taken to a whole new level these past years. Every day new startups, new tools, new innovations are growing. Two words, in the middle of all this interest: machine learning (ML). This term is now always mentioned when we talk about AI. Nowadays, though, people who interested in learning more about this technology won’t have time to go back to college or spend a whole year on a training course. For this reason, we decided to created this article. We will present our top 5 free AI or ML courses so you can be sure to have the basic knowledge as well.

Google AI

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Google AI PlatformGoogle AI Platform

As you might understand, these courses are taught by Google and more specifically by some ML experts from Google. What we like about this formation is that it is open to all levels. Anybody can improve their skills in that way.

Moreover, the platform is well-designed. Indeed, you will have three options to fill in “I am”, “type of content” and “stage of ML content”. These three features will help you to find the right course, documentation, video, tutorials, or guide for you.

If you are still doubtful about Google AI, here are some content you can found:

  • “Introduction to machine learning problem framing” (courses)

  • “Machine learning crash course with TensorFlow APIs” (courses)

  • “Responsible AI practice” (guide)

  • “AI adventures: 7 steps of machine learning” (video)

Stanford university — Coursera

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Machine learning on Coursera platformMachine learning on Coursera platform

Coursera is a platform that proposes a variety of different courses that are taught by universities all over the world. You can find courses from HEC in Paris, Imperial College London in the United Kingdom, University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, but also UPenn, Duke, Yale or Stanford in the USA, and much more.

If you visit the website, you will find many interesting ML courses. Through this article, we agreed to discuss the Stanford university formation. At the end of these courses, you will know some effective ML techniques but also some of Silicon Valley’s best practices innovative about machine learning and AI. What we appreciate with this Stanford class, is that you will gain both practical and theoretical knowledge.

The last point with this formation, know that all the courses are free, however, if you want the certificate, you will have to pay 79$.

AI School by Microsoft

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AI School websiteAI School website

AI School is a Microsoft platform, and like Google AI, it’s available to beginners and experienced people. More than an intuitive website, what is interesting about AI School by Microsoft, is that you can find short 2-hour courses like “Deep learning explained” as well as education programs.

For instance, you can do the “object recognition using a custom deep neural network model” formation of 205 hours. However, if any training seems too long, you do have the option to choose which class you want to take. If we are taking back the 205 hours formation, you can opt to follow just the “object detection and classification” course of 2 hours.

As you can see, AI School is a fruitful platform with multiple free courses on artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, etc.


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Udacity websiteUdacity website

If you are interested in IT and you want to develop your skill, you certainly have heard about “Udacity”. This website allows you to learn different programs in IT or deep tech that is divided into 6 different categories:

  • Programming

  • Data science

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Autonomous systems

  • Cloud computing

  • IT business

As you can imagine, you will find the machine-learning courses in the AI programs. It contains some classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. This means that you can find courses like “Intro to ML with PyTorch” (beginner); “Deep learning” (intermediate); “Computer vision” (advanced).

Finally, what we like about this platform, is that the courses cover a large variety of topics. Moreover, you have a specific estimation period before you start. For example, with the “Deep Learning” course, you can see “4 months at 12 hours per week.” Before this forecast, you have a segment called “What you will know” that prepares you for this training.

Element of AI

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Element of AI platformElement of AI platform

In the fifth position, we have Element of AI! This website gives you access to free online courses created by the company Reaktor and the University of Helsinki. Their purpose was to make AI accessible to everyone.

Therefore, the courses available on this platform are mostly for beginners. You will find 6 chapters from “What is AI?” to “AI problem solving” passing by “Machine learning”. Following Element of AI courses, will allow you to acquire a solid foundation on AI.

What we like about it, is the user-friendly interface but also the fact that their courses combine theoretical knowledge with practical exercises.

If you are interested in machine learning, know that at Young App, we are using this process in our OCR technology. Our purpose is to help companies to automate workflow by using the OCR solutions. If you would like to develop automation skills, don’t hesitate to visit our website or even make an appointment. We will be more than happy to be your advisors.

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