Next-gen entities detection AI platform

Computer Vision have never been as efficient as it is today. Deployable in only few weeks, it boosts significantly your workflows thanks to an accurate and complete analysis of your documents and images.


Highly accurate Machine Learning models that suit your use case for the extraction of key data from your documents.

Data generation editor

Large amount of data captured for more productivity.

Deep Learning and Computer Vision

Automonous and error-free technologies adapted to your needs.

Models accuracy analysis

All the models are checked to ensure a high accuracy rate.

Security and data governance

Your data are automatically deleted after the treatment stage.


Dataleon Platform develops technologies derived from artificial intelligence, powered by machine learning and combined with APIs, to deliver precise and efficient products to all of our customers.

Keys-pairs values task

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Classification Task

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Detection task

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Document processing task

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ML Data Generation Task

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Inference deployment task

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Deep Learning and Computer Vision

From unstructured images, it is possible to infer information and to restructure the data.

Image detection and classification

We use detection and classification algorithms based on Pytorch and Tensorflow technologies.

Data augmentation GAN and NLG

Our technology gives us the ability to access to more data while maintaining the accuracy of our operations. They generate texts automatically.

OCR personalization

Train OCR models using texts and typographies from your documents to meet all specific needs and in all languages.

Dataleon Platform's advantages

Deploy an API that extracts precisely the data you need from all types of media (images and documents) whether it is printed or handwritten.

Custom models

Our experts are at your disposal to design a tailored product and offer you the best customer experience.

Deep Learning and OCR

Our models are constantly learning to better understand your needs, identify and extract the data that matter to your business.

Responsive and efficient

Your files are convertible into structured data in less than 2 seconds. Get the results in real time.