Computer Vision Enterprise AI

Automate your business with AI.
Manage your decisions and analyze your images and documents by using powerful Machine Learning algorithms.

Computer Vision

Identify key data from your images.
Our platform builds Machine Learning models that aim to identify areas of interest in your images and to extract the essential data to automate your business. Designing models in line with your needs is essential.

Get structured

Upload your images or documents and quickly turn them into editable and structured data.

Optimize back-office

Improve the productivity and potential of your operational and sales teams by avoiding human errors.


Automate your process with fast, accurate data collection and learning to save time and money.


Deploy an API that extracts accurately the data you need from all types of media (images and documents), printed or handwritten.

Build custom models

Generate personalized models tailored to your needs to maximize your accuracy rate.

Pre-trained models

Using our available features, get structured data in just 0.5 to 2 seconds.

Understand OCR data

Get full text data from unstructured documents and images.

Managed inference production

We manage the deployment of your models in production in our servers, made up of GPUs or On-premise.

Image entities detection and classification

In just a few lines of code, detect and classify your data and information.

Security and data governance

Your data is automatically deleted after the model processing phase, in compliance with GDPR standards.

Pre-trained models

Need help in managing your bank statements, invoices, identity documents or other documents specific to your activities ? Use our available models for data extraction.

No-code AI platform for quick deployment

Design a custom soluon that meets your demand. Our experts oer you a follow-up service and a professional and adaptable rendering according to your needs.

HTTPS Request

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JSON format Output

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API Key and API Secret

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Encryption data

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RGPD Ready

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Easy handling APIs

The application programming interfaces (APIs) made by Dataleon give you more flexibility and control over the products via the HTTPS protocol and the JSON format.

Automate your workflow in 4 steps

Processing of standard files, in JPG, PNG or PDF formats using REST APIs. Receive JSON output rendering for efficient communication.
Add our ML API to your information system.
Send your documents and images.
Recognition, extraction and validation of data.
Collect your editable and structured results.

Dataleon Platform's advantages

Deploy an API that extracts precisely the data you need from all types of media (images and documents) whether it is printed or handwritten.

Custom models

Our experts are at your disposal to design a tailored product and offer you the best customer experience.

Deep Learning and OCR

Our models are constantly learning to better understand your needs, identify and extract the data that matter to your business.

Responsive and efficient

Your files are convertible into structured data in less than 2 seconds. Get the results in real time.