Young App reveals a new name and a new identity !

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Dataleon, formerly Young App, is getting a makeover with the launch of a brand new website and a new visual identity. Following weeks of work, we are delighted to present the new visual of our platform, available in new colors and under a new name. Read on to learn more about the importance of the “leon”, a symbol at the core of the company.

Why did we choose to review the branding?

Since its creation in 2016, Dataleon is a growing business thanks to the support of our customers, employees, investors and partners. The year 2021 represents a turning point in the activities of the company, with an expanding team of AI dedicated people. That is why we made the decision to change the identity of the brand to build a more representative one that conveys the key values of the company .

Values and vision

Dedicated to new technologies and artificial intelligence, Dataleon's goal remains the same : democratize and promote the technological implementation of Deep Learning within SMEs or large companies by offering cutting-edge solutions that participate in their technological transformation.

Likewise, 4 key values shape our vision: openness, diversity, agility and responsiveness. Anchored in innovation and technology, they represent the DNA of the company. We are therefore convinced that the integration of these 4 challenges will propel Dataleon to new horizons.

A new name: Dataleon

From Young App to Dataleon, the core remains the same; the same passion to accomplish our missions and support our clients in their operations. It seemed essential to us to build the new brand image under a more powerful and instinctive name. This is how “Dataleon” was born, a combination of two words central to our vision: data and leon (“lion”). Specialized in data mining, the word "data" is the essence and also the main axis of the company's business. Like the lion, an animal which symbolizes strength, intelligence and power, we want our platform to adhere to these principles in order to provide products and services that equal these qualities.

A new logo


The brand's new symbol demonstrates minimalism. The association between the logo with clean shapes and the brand’s name highlights the potential of Dataleon and its ambitions to establish itself in the market through cutting-edge, efficient and precise technologies.

A new website

Dataleon is updating its website to adopt a clean and content-focus design that further emphasizes the products and the technologies at the heart of the business. Two major updates have been made: the home page and the product page.

Visit our website to discover the new features!